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Located in the home office on our family farm, a massage therapy practice with therapeutic results in a laid back atmosphere.  

My name is Kelsey Williams and I am a dedicated Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in multiple kinds of massotherapy. My specialty is therapeutic massage which targets chronic pain. I enjoy this type of massage most because while it can be deep pressure, it helps to relieve pain and soreness but can also feel relaxing and reassuring. I have been doing massage therapy for five years. I am a graduate of Pittsburgh School of Massage therapy and an active member in the AMTA organization. Before starting  on my own, I worked at Buhl  Mansion Guest House and Spa  in Sharon, PA for three years as well as More Tranquility in Hermitage PA. Countryside Massage is my in home office at our farm in Mercer, PA. Here we have rescued horses, cows, dogs, cats and other animals. It is nothing fancy but quaint and simple atmosphere. I believe massage therapy should be a part of wellness. I often see people coming back once a month to once a week. If a laid back atmosphere with results based massage or stress relief massage (or both)  is what you are looking for please give a call or text! You can also book online for your convenience. 

Thank you for your interest!

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